Explain a “bad” day

A bad day is when:
I lose the fight
I give up and give in to my OCD
My anxiety keeps me from enjoying things
I don’t want to eat/have a hard time handling moves
I let myself get anxious to the point of shutting down
I give in to my rituals
I’m angry/upset and don’t know why
I worry about every little thing
I check and double check and triple check
I straighten and align everything so it’s “just right”
I can’t let go

It’s hard to describe a bad day, mostly because I haven’t had many lately (which is awesome!) and because it’s hard to put into words a feeling that I don’t fully comprehend. It’s very confusing, but it’s a lot like the anxious feeling you get when you know something bad is going to happen. If I feel like that, I’ve already lost the battle. I am incredibly thankful that I don’t see nearly as many of these bad days as I used to. I’m quite content to not remember what they feel like.