Trying to catch up on my 30 day Mental Illness Challenge! I’m a little slow, obviously, but I am determined to finish. 

Day 27: Explain a “good” day.

A “good” day for me is when:
I fight the Monster and win
I feel the fear and do it anyway
I get a victory – no matter how small
Lunch and/or dinner isn’t stressful
I make a mistake and don’t dwell on it for the next 15 years
I see the messy/untidy house and don’t feel the need to put everything away
I roll with the punches, be flexible, or just go with the flow
I try something new
I sleep the whole night through and wake up decently refreshed
My husband tells me he’s proud of me for doing something to fight the Monster
My nephew isn’t afraid of me and gives me love
I can make a decision without the nagging feelings of potential regret
I don’t analyze every move or every outcome, but instead do my best and hope for the best

I think that about covers it for today! Thanks for reading