Day 24: What is your opinion on alternative treatments or treatments that aren’t commonly used? (Some examples are: EMDR, hypnotherapy, herbal or vitamin supplements, acupuncture, massage therapy, art, music, or recreational therapy,ECT, VNS, TMS, DBS)

Obviously, we are working with issues of the mind here. And the mind is a powerful thing. You can see this when testing drugs for any type of illness – placebo effect. If taking vitamins, getting a massage, writing, dancing, or whatever helps you feel better, make progress and work towards recovery, I’m all for it. In all of the years of searching for a cure for my chronic migraines, I have often said, “If you want to do a voo doo dance around my bed and have me stand on my head for an hour a day, I’ll do it, as long as I feel better!” And I mean that. I will try just about anything to get better, get rid of the pain, escape the fear, etc. And if somebody thinks what you are doing isn’t helping or isn’t worth it, tell them what Eric Cartman would tell them – “Whatever, whatever, I DO WHAT I WANT!” 🙂